It’s common for artists to upload their new songs or music videos to YouTube for their fans to enjoy. But the fact is that content uploaded might generate little profit. There are alternative ways to make money on YouTube from your music that you should know.

1.YouTube Music
If you are a paid plan subscriber with 8k Everest, you can distribute your music to all the streaming services like Boomplay, Spotify, or Apple Music. Moreover, you can also distribute your music to YouTube, and the song will be available for YouTube Music users to stream. In addition, YouTube will create high-quality album art videos under an artist topic channel, playing the audio while displaying an image of your album cover.
You can make money from two categories: YouTube Music streaming of the song and YouTube artist topic video view/play. YouTube may place ads in or before your video if your song is doing well. All tracks have the potential to be monetized depending on the listeners.
Please note: YouTube Music is only available in some countries and regions, which means your music delivered to YouTube Music may only be available in particular countries and regions!

2.YouTube Content ID
YouTube Content ID is a service available to all paid plan users, helping you identify whenever your music is used in a monetized video (a video with ads) on YouTube and split a part of the video income to you.
YouTube will match you to your music once your song is successfully delivered to YouTube Content ID. YouTube will then be able to find all the videos that use your music. An ad is placed on the video once it’s found. This will include content you have uploaded yourself and videos submitted by other users. As the artist, you will get a portion of the revenue in your YouTube royalties.Please note: You must choose YouTube Music as an outlet for Content ID when you submit your music for distribution on

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