It is common for artists to collect royalties from streaming service providers based on streaming performances. But today, I will show you the new ways in which artists can successfully monetize their music on streaming services. Read this article and learn how to earn more from your music career. Last year, Spotify for Artists launched a new feature: the Artist Fundraising Pick. Artists can already select their favorite project to highlight and showcase on their profile as the Artist’s Pick. In addition, now the artist can highlight a fundraising destination in addition to their Artist’s Pick. First and foremost, this feature enables artists to raise money to support themselves, their bands, or their crews by getting the word out to their fans on Spotify artist profiles. We have a strong group of initial fundraising partners: Artists can choose to add a link to Cash App, GoFundMe, and How to raise it: Spotify for Artists admin users can select “Get started” on the banner at the top of their dashboard to submit their Fundraising Pick. The fundraising pick you choose is up to you: You can fundraise for yourself, your crew, or a charity partner — as long as it fits within Spotify policy. For more details, please visit: Besides Spotify, Audiomack also launched its “Supporter” function this month: a new way for creators to earn. No matter what level you’re in your career, whether you are a full-time professional with a dedicated fanbase, a beginner making their first song, or anywhere in between. Supporters create a brand new source of revenue to help you earn more than you would from streaming alone. How to get started with Audiomack Supports: Get yourself enrolled in Audiomack Monetization Program; (more information: ). Your music is automatically enabled for support once you enroll in the Audiomack Monetization Program (AMP). “Supporters” is more than a new way to earn money. If utilized fully, it allows you to identify and engage with your top fans unprecedentedly, all on Audiomack. Connect with your top fans using our message composer and include links for exclusive content and offerings.

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