Did you know? With 8k Everest digital music distribution platform, you can easily add participants to your music releases and split royalties with featured artists, producers, or team members?

First of all, let’s go through the definition of participants in your releases: participants are anyone who contributed to the track that you are releasing, for example, composer, artist, label, author, songwriter, and so on. You can dictate the royalty splits between all participants as well.

Let’s talk a bit about the current producer deals. The most common deal struck between an artist, and a producer gives a producer a flat fee for their work and a percentage of future royalty gains.

For example, the artist pays a $100 fee to produce the song, plus 15%-30% (standard for independent producers) of the song’s net royalties. FYI, “net” means the royalties left over after recording costs, producer fees, distribution costs, etc., are deducted from the profit.

If multiple producers are working on the same track, typically, each producer would take a share of the total “producer” percentage offered by the artist. E.g., a 30% producer percentage split between 3 producers at 10% each.

This can be a little trickier if you’re part of a band. Giving each member equal song or album rights and an equal royalty split is highly recommended. For example, the producer will usually request 50% in hip hop, while the other top liners will split 50%.

Last part, how to manage my participants with 8k Everest? Please go to “Payment-Participants” to add new participants, input their PayPal email addresses, and fill in their outlet profiles. However, this is not mandatory, which means you can choose to take all the royalties and split them among all the members as you wish.

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